Agenda – Ordinary meeting of Tarrington Parish Council Monday 11th July 2022 7.30pm Lady Emily Community Hall

Agenda 11 July 2022


Councillors are summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of the parish council on Monday 11th July 2022 at 7.30pm in Lady Emily Community Hall




73/22  To receive apologies for absence.

74/22  To receive declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

75/22  To co-opt to fill the current councillor vacancy.

76/22  Public Session:

76.1/22  To raise matters from Ward Cllr John Hardwick’s verbal report.

76.2/22  To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

77/22  To receive and approve the minutes from the extraordinary meeting of the parish council held on the 20th June 2022.

78/22  Planning: To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

None at present.

79/22  Road Safety: To receive updates from Cllrs Board, Hodges and Howard and to consider action.

80/22  West Mercia Police Community Charter and Community Speed Watch Scheme (CSWS):  To receive update from SNT on Community Charter and to consider if CSWS is appropriate for TPC.

81/22  SID & S106 FUNDS:  To receive updates from Cllr Hardwick and the Clerk and consider action.

82/22  Training:  To receive an update from Cllr Hodgson on recent training and matters arising, specifically cybercrime and FOI, and consider action.

83/22  Finance:

83.1/22 To receive financial reports from the Responsible Finance Officer.

83.2/22 To consider the following payments:

83.2.1/22  Richard Morgan invoice nos. 1484 and 1485  £220.

83.2.2/22  LECH invoice nos. 965 and 966  £15.

83.2.3/22  Clerk’s June 2022 salary  £428.81.

83.2.4/22  PAYE  £25.80.

83.2.5/22  The Parish Notice Board Company inv 9961 balance £265 plus VAT.

83.2.6/22  White Digital Tarrington Village website hosting charge £180 plus VAT.

84/22  Barrs Orchard Parking: To receive update from Clerk and consider action.

85/22  Footpaths: To receive update from Cllr Ward and the quote to repair bridge and consider action.

86/22  Durlow Common road:  To receive update from Cllr Hardwick and consider action.

87/22  Balfour Beatty Annual Plan 2022/23:  To consider Annual Plan and agree action.

88/22  Herefordshire Council Place Shaping Consultation: To consider action.

89/22  Litter bins for Garbrook: To receive update from Cllr Board and consider action.

90/22  HM Queen’s Platinum Jubilee:  Member round-up.

91/22   September 2022 meeting:  To consider new meeting date.

92/22  To raise matters for next scheduled meeting …



Paul Hayden – Parish Clerk   01531 670 139                                                               5th July 2022

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