Draft Minutes




Present: Councillors: Janette Ward (Chairman), Paul Grey (Vice-Chairman), Robert Hodges,
Ian Howard and Phil Avery, Simon Bailey and Robin Hodgson.

In attendance: Jennifer Eva – Parish Clerk and Ward Councillor John Hardwick

Public: 3

1. To receive apologies for absence… all members were present.

2. To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
2.1 Councillor Hodges declared an interest in items relating to Lady Emily Community Hall as
he is a member of L.E.C.H and signed the declarations book.
3. To fill a Council vacancy by co-option
3.1 Co-option of a new Councillor

It was RESOLVED to co-opt Mr Robin Hodgson as a new member of the Council. Mr Hodgson and Mr Bailey, who was previously co-opted, signed their declaration of acceptance of office forms and then took part in the meeting.
The Chairman announced the resignation of Mike Tector and thanked him for volunteering his time as Councillor and wished him well.

4. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting – 16th September 2019
It was RESOLVED to approve and sign the minutes with the following amendment to item 5.2;

5.2 Following the open session a member of the public made a number of serious and
unfounded allegations against the Parish Council and individual Councillors present.

5. Open session
5.1 To receive a report from Councillor Hardwick
Cllr Hardwick gave a brief verbal report which included information on the following items;
• A resolution to parking issues outside Mordiford School is being developed.
• Holme Lacy causeway will be closed for essential repair work due to the recent rainfall – from 11th to 22nd November, between 9:30am and 3:30pm.
• Herefordshire Council is reviewing the Core Strategy.
• Hereford City Transport Package consultation includes plans for improved pedestrian friendly access from Commercial Road to the railway station.
• Environment Agency has reported high levels of phosphate in the rivers Frome, Lugg and other tributaries – resulting in a pause in construction in the Frome Valley until the source of the phosphates can be identified.

5.2 Tarrington Tree Warden
Members welcomed the information that the local Tree Warden is happy to attend future
meetings when tree related issues are to be considered.

5.3 To note matters raised by local residents relevant to the Parish
No matters were raised by those residents in attendance.

6. Planning
6.1 Tarrington Arms
Cllr Hodges reported a small group of residents are working to retain the pub as an Asset of
Community Value. The group has sought advice of CAMRA and from a similar community led
project in a neighbouring parish.

It was RESOLVED for the Parish Council to provide £1k in support of the group to aid with
meeting room hire costs and their membership to the Plunkett Foundation that provides
financial support to community projects like this.

6.2 Ashperton NDP
Item deferred to the next meeting for consideration.

7. Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)
Tarrington’s TRO is currently 23rd on Herefordshire Council’s schedule of works. The Clerk was
advised to wait for the 2020/21 schedule to be published before proceeding any further.

8. Finance;
8.1 To note the cashbook and bank balances for the current and reserve accounts
8.1.1 The cashbook was noted by members.
8.1.2 The current account balance of £54,355.11 on 7.10.19 was noted by members.
8.1.3 The reserves account balance of £10,090.44 on 2.11.19 was noted by members.

8.2 It was RESOLVED … to approve the following invoices for payment;
8.2.1 PKF Littlejohn … external audit at £240 Inc. vat.
8.2.2 DJN Planning Ltd … NDP Reg 14 work at £420.00.
8.2.3 Lady Emily Community Hall…hall hire (16/9/19, 11/11/19, 13/1/20, 9/3/20) at £60.00.
8.2.4 Clerk … October salary 2019.
8.2.5 Clerk …stationary/postage stamps expenses at £23.34.
8.2.6 HALC … website hosting/domain name (Mar 2019 to Feb 2020) at £66.00 Inc. vat.
8.2.7 Richard Morgan…grounds maintenance (1st, 4th and 10th October 2019) at £550.00.
8.2.8 Wye Media … NDP documents/delivery at £98.80 Inc. vat.

8.3 To note the External Auditors Opinion for 18/19 accounts.
8.3.1 Members noted the External Auditors Opinion and expressed disappointment.

8.4 To consider the formation of a finance working group to formulate the budget and draft precept.
8.4.1 It was RESOLVED for Cllrs Ward, Grey and Bailey to form a finance working group with the
Clerk to produce a draft budget/precept for 2020/21.

8.5 To consider a request from LECH for financial support to maintain the public play area.
It was RESOLVED to approve this request for a donation towards the play area.

8.6 To consider a grant request of £700.00 from the Tatler Magazine for 2020/21.
It was RESOLVED to approve a grant request from the Tatler Magazine of £700 for 2020/21.

9. Highways/Footpaths
9.1 Footpaths
9.1.2 The FO gave a brief verbal report which included the following information;
• FO attended a Balfour Beatty (BBLP) information session on Public Rights of Way (PRoW)
• BBLP have only one PRoW gang responsible for maintaining Herefordshire’s bridges, ditches,
signage and surface vegetation.
• BBLP funding to parishes for PRoW maintenance is no longer available but the Parish Council
is committed to maintaining a footpaths budget from the 2020/21 precept.
• The FO is contact with Herefordshire Ramblers Association who organise work parties to for
footpath maintenance.

9.2 Highways
9.2.1 To consider the TRO and any action required – as item 7.
9.2.2 Potholes/drainage issues – Cllrs Grey and Hodges to carry out a survey of the current
potholes / drainage issues throughout the parish and then report them via Herefordshire
Council’s online app.

9.2.3 Larch Tree – Jubilee Green
Two different local arborists recently visited the site to assess the condition of the tree and
advise the Council on what action / maintenance is required. Each company provided different
advice; one advising to fell the tree and replant a replacement, the other advising the removal
of the basal ivy to enable a proper inspection of the condition of the tree within months.

It was RESOLVED for Cllrs Hodges and Bailey to remove a 1m section of ivy from the
circumference of the trunk to allow dieback for a full inspection within months and for the Clerk
to source quotes to fell if required.

10. VE Day – to consider potential commemoration events for 2020.
10.1 Cllrs Bailey and Hodgson will report back with further information in January.

11. Climate Emergency (CE)
The Chairman gave a brief verbal update from events she has attended on the CE;
• The Great Collaboration meeting hosted by HALC – was an informative session on the future
plans of Herefordshire’s Green Network (HGN).
• A joint parish meeting was held with residents from Dormington, Bartestree and Fownhope,
who are all working to promote the HGN plans in their area.

12. Items for consideration at the next ordinary meeting (no discussion)
• Co-option of a new Councillor
• Budget / Precept 2020/21
• Tarrington Arms
• Climate Emergency
• VE Day 2020
• Larch tree

13. The date of the next Ordinary Parish Council meeting is 13th January 2020

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9:20pm

SIGNED ……………………………………… DATE …………………………………