Draft Minutes





Chairman: Cllr Janette Ward
Paul Grey (Vice Chairman), Robert Hodges, Ian Howard, Phil Avery
Robin Hodgson and Simon Bailey.

In attendance:
Jennifer Eva – Parish Clerk.

Public: 0

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE … no apologies were received.
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST … Cllr Hodges declared an interest in item 7.3 as he is a member of L.E.C.H.

       RESOLVED: to approve the minutes as an accurate record of the meeting.


     No members of the public were in attendance.

  1. PLANNING – Members considered the following applications in detail.

27.1  APP 201716 … The Tomkins, Durlow, HR1 4JQ … Proposed demolition of existing chalet
bungalow and construction of new detached two storey house.

Members considered this application and the possibility of future developments on this site.

PROPOSAL: Cllr Grey proposed to support this application, with a condition that it does not lead to
further development in the future.

A recorded vote on this proposal was taken:
5 For (Cllrs: Ward, Hodges, Grey, Hodgson, and Avery)
1 Against (Cllr Howard)
1 Abstention (Cllr Bailey)

RESOLVED: that the Parish Council (PC) supports this application with the condition that it does
not lead to further residential development of the site in the future.

27.2 APP 202055/F … Tarrington, Backbury, Land west of Garbrook Little Tarrington … Proposed
variation of conditions 5, 6 & 10 of planning permission 184506/O (Proposed development of ten
dwellings including 2 affordable homes and 2 self-build plots and associated access road, footpath
link, sustainable drainage, hedgerow, tree and orchard planting ) – 2no. affordable dwellings on
Phase 2 are relocated to Phase 1, in substitution for the 2no. live-work units on that Phase. The
units on phase 2 which were originally identified as affordable units will revert to an open market
product; their appearance and design to be defined in a later reserved matters application.

27.3 APP 202054/F … Tarrington, Backbury, Land West of Garbrook Little Tarrington, HR1 4JA …
Proposed variation of conditions 2, 6 & 16 of planning permission 171777/F (Proposed mixed use
development comprising 15 dwellings including 5 affordable, 2 live work units and associated roads
and footpaths, junction improvements, sustainable drainage, informal public open space, hedgerow
and tree planting) – 2no. affordable dwellings on Phase 2 are relocated to Phase 1, in substitution
for the 2no. live-work units on that Phase. The units on phase 2 which were originally identified as
affordable units will revert to an open market product; their appearance and design to be defined in
a later reserved matters application.

Members considered both applications (27.3 & 27.3) in detail. A discussion ensued as Councillors
were concerned that the variations could lead to the loss of affordable homes.

RESOLVED: to support the applications under the understanding that they will not lead to the loss  of affordable homes. Cllr Grey abstained from the vote.

28.4 Tarrington Arms Update
Cllr Hodges informed members that a group of local people have formed the ‘Save the Tarrington  Arms’ community group. The group will join the Plunkett Foundation and work towards becoming   properly constituted. Members noted that the PC’s submission of interest letter for the Tarrington Arms was rejected by Herefordshire Council and the full moratorium under the Community Right to Bid was not triggered. It was not the PC’s intention to purchase the pub.


29.1 Finance report was presented by the Clerk and included information on the PC’s income, payments, and bank reconciliation.

29.2 To consider the following invoices for payment:-

29.2.1  Richard Mills … footpath/ditch crossing repairs … £589.00.

29.2.2  NDP Consultant David Nicholson … preparation of revised plan/consultation and basic
conditions statements £1,400.

29.2.3 Zurich … PC Insurance renewal … £303.33.

29.2.4 Autela … Payroll Q1 … £60.24.

29.2.5  Clerk … July salary.

29.2.6  Clerk … Clerk’s expenses … £18.80.

RESOLVED: all payments, as listed above, were approved for payment.

 29.3 To consider a request from LECH for the purchase and donation of 2 picnic benches (recycled,
durable material) for public use, at the Lady Emily Community Hall … £1245.00.

        RESOLVED: to approve the purchase and donation of two picnic benches for public usage at                    L.E.C.H, at a cost of £1245.00 (inc. VAT).


30.1  Footpaths Officer informed members the Lengthsman has recently carried out a number of tasks to improve the footpath network around the parish, including; installation of a new ditch crossing/ handrail/drainage pipe on path to Garbrook, erection of new signage and clearance of overgrown pathways.

Members noted that the Clerk is developing the footpath section of the PC website.

30.2  Jubilee Green larch tree – a survey of the PC’s trees on Jubilee Green will be arranged and a report will be provided for consideration at the next meeting in September.  

30.3 Church Lane verge repairs – to receive and consider a job specification from Cllr Bailey for the
installation of grasscrete on the verge

         On reflection members felt that the original idea to install grasscrete was beyond the PC’s budget and agreed to consider a more affordable alternative. Members discussed the possible options and agreed that part of the verge, parallel to the road, should be excavated and replaced with compacted stone. This will provide a stable surface that will not deteriorate under vehicular damage and result in a slippery, muddy road surface which is hazardous to pedestrians.

         RESOLVED: the Clerk will source two quotations for consideration at the next meeting.

 30.4  Speed Indicator Device (SID) – Cllr Grey confirmed the SID is in-situ opposite the pub and will not be moved for the time being due to COVID-19 restrictions. The SID continues to record data. 


       Members noted that the PC is now a member of Herefordshire’s Green Network (HGN) and the Chairman hopes to attend and represent the PC at future HNG meetings.


       Cllr Hodgson confirmed that he recently checked the defibrillator and the green power light was on. Cllr Ward has swept the phone box out, she attempted to clean off the graffiti and pruned back ivy growth. Cllr Ward will collect the relevant paperwork from Mr Kerr (former defibrillator monitor) and drop it off with Cllr Hodgson.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8:40pm.


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