Draft Minutes




Present: Councillors: Janette Ward (Chairman), Paul Grey (Vice-Chairman), Robert Hodges, Ian Howard, Phil Avery, Simon Bailey and Robin Hodgson.

In attendance: Jennifer Eva – Parish Clerk

Public: 2

1. Apologies for absence … were received from Ward Councillor John Hardwick and Suzanne Noble (Tree Warden).

2. To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … were received from Councillor Hodges as he is a member of L.E.C.H and he signed the declarations book.

3. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting – 25th November 2019 It was RESOLVED to approve and sign the minutes.

4. Open session 4.1 Matters raised by local residents relevant to the Parish A resident reported that the public gateway onto Jubilee Green is in poor condition. It was RESOLVED for the gateway to be removed and reinstalled in the springtime with more durable ground fixings – Cllrs Hodges and Grey volunteered to carry out this work. Councillors agreed to move the following item forward for the benefit of a resident present.

5. Larch Tree – Jubilee Green The Clerk reported that the tree and others on the green are due to be surveyed in the next couple of weeks by a qualified arborist. Work resulting from the survey will be carried out at the earliest possible convenience.

6. Planning 6.1 Tarrington Arms – Asset of Community Value (ACV) Cllr Hodges reported that the residential group set up to consider whether the pub could be saved locally has recently joined the Plunkett Foundation, which has provided support and guidance to other local community projects.

7. Finance; 7.1 Current account balance of £51,496.48 on 4th December 2019 was noted by members. 7.2 Spend against budget was noted by members.

7.3 To consider the following invoices for payment; 7.3.1 Clerk … January salary 2020. 7.3.2 Clerk … postage stamps expenses at £7.32. 7.3.3 SLCC … Clerk’s annual subscription at £48.00.

It was RESOLVED … to approve the above payments.

7.4 Payments made since the last meeting; 7.4.1 LECH …. hall hire at £15.00. 7.4.2 Autela … payroll services at 47.08. 7.4.3 HMRC … PAYE at £255.40. 7.4.4 Clerks December salary.

7.4.5 R. Mills … grounds maintenance at £330.00.
Members noted these payments.
7.5 To consider providing a donation of £480.00 to LECH towards the costs of annual maintenance of the playground.
Members RESOLVED to provide a donation of £480.00 to LECH towards the maintenance of the playground as it is a community asset.
8. Highways/Footpaths 8.1 Highways Church Lane – Cllr Ward has reported the slippery and hazardous condition of the lane to Herefordshire Council as it poses a safety concern to pedestrians. Previously, the parish council applied to adopt this section of the lane to make necessary improvements to the highway verge for the benefit of residents.

It was RESOLVED for the Clerk to follow up the application and report back to council.

8.2 Traffic Regulation Order update for Garbrook A decision from Herefordshire Council on whether they will implement a 40mph speed limit through Garbrook is expected in the new financial year.

9. VE Day 2020 Cllr Hodges reported that the working group has submitted a funding application to the National Lottery Awards for All England.

10. Climate Emergency (CE) As part of The Great Collaboration in Herefordshire the council is keen to understand how it can best encourage and promote sustainable living within the parish. The Chairman and Clerk will attend a Herefordshire Green Network meeting in Ledbury on 20th January and will report back. 11. New items for consideration at the next ordinary meeting (no discussion) • Co-option of a new Councillor • NDP update • Defibrillator • Green village projects

12. The date of the next Ordinary Parish Council meeting – 9th March 2020

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9:24pm

SIGNED ……………………………………… DATE …………………………………