Draft Minutes







Chairman: Cllr Janette Ward
Paul Grey (Vice Chairman), Robert Hodges, Ian Howard, Phil Avery, and Robin Hodgson.

In attendance:
Jennifer Eva (Parish Clerk) and Ward Cllr John Hardwick.

Public: 2


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE … apologies were received from Cllr Bailey (IT connectivity issues).


  1. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST … none declared.


  1. TO FILL A COUNCIL VACANCY BY CO-OPTION … no candidates were in attendance.



       RESOLVED: to approve the minutes of 13th July 2020 as an accurate record of the meeting.



37.1  Verbal report from Ward Councillor John Hardwick contained the following points.

  •   COVID-19
    – The effort of Backbury Ward volunteers was commended in response to the pandemic.

– Potential for a second wave in Autumn/Winter and the need for vigilance and the continuation of social distancing measures. As young people return to school there is a danger the virus could be taken home to parents and grandparents.

– Measures are in place to enhance social distancing in Hereford City. Cllr Harrington, Transport, Herefordshire Council, has the measures under review.

– New 20mph speed limits in Hereford and the Market Towns have been implemented to give safer access for pedestrians and cyclists during the pandemic. Funding for this initiative was funded by Central Government. Members agreed that the signage needs improvement.

  • Mordiford School … the parking area is finished, which will hopefully improve safety and traffic flow.
  • B4224 Fownhope/Mordiford road remains closed. It was hoped repairs could be carried out under a partial closure, but two safety inspections ruled this out. The road will be closed until December.
  • Maylords Orchard Shopping Centre – Herefordshire Council has purchased the leasehold and a small proportion of the freehold. It is hoped this purchase will be of great benefit of the city.


37.2  Public questions … there were no questions posed by the two residents in attendance.


  1. PLANNING – Members considered the following applications in detail.

38.1  P202737/AM … Tarrington, Backbury, Land West of Garbrook Little Tarrington, HR1 4JA … Non Material amendment for Ref 171777/F (Proposed mixed use development comprising 15 dwellings (including 5 affordable) 2 live work units and associated roads and footpaths, junction improvements, sustainable drainage, informal public open space, hedgerow and tree planting.) We are seeking to reduce the eaves height of all the bungalows (Plots 5, 7, 8, 11 & 12).

RESOLVED: the Parish Council has no objection to this amendment but will continue to monitor any other changes with this site.


38.2  Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
38.2.1 To approve the submission draft NDP
38.2.2 To approve the draft consultation statement
38.2.3 To approve the basic conditions statement

to approve the draft documents for submission to Herefordshire Council. 


39.1  Finance report
Members considered the report and noted that the Council is in a good financial position. The Clerk advised members that future capital projects need to be identified for 2021/22.

39.2  To consider the following invoices for payment.

39.2.1 Autela … payroll services … £60.24 (inc vat)

39.2.2  R. Morgan … ditch mowing … £100.00

39.2.3  Clerk … August salary/postage stamps/printer ink cartridge.

RESOLVED: to approve the invoices for payment.


39.3  To note the payments made since the last meeting.

39.3.1 HALC … hosting and domain name of PC website … £66.00 (inc vat).

39.4  Finance working group

Members noted the group will meet before the next PC meeting to consider the draft 2021/22 budget and precept requirement.



40.1  Footpaths Officer (FO) update
Owners of Millpond Caravan Park reported PROW no. 6, from the orchard to Little Tarrington road was unpassable due to crop growth. The FO attempted to report this to the Stoke Edith Estate, but the email bounced back. It is understood that the field will be harvested soon, but the FO will monitor it next season.

40.2 Jubilee Green Tree Survey
Members considered the tree survey report, from August, which listed any works required. It was agreed that most of the remedial works could be done by the Lengthsman.

Works identified for the large larch tree will require a specialist arborist; removal of deadwood from throughout crown and split branch,  reduction of ‘parent’ branch in length by 50%, and inspection of the union in main stem for signs of included bark. The Clerk has requested quotes from 3 accredited arborists, based in Herefordshire/Worcestershire, and one quote has been received from Acer Tree Services.

RESOLVED: to approve the quotation from Acer Tree Services at a cost of £475.00.


40.3 Church Lane Verge Repairs

Members considered two quotations for verge improvement works … quote A £7,944 (inc vat) and quote B £2,190 (ex vat). The work would see the excavation of an area of 100m2, to a depth of 200m. Road scaplings would then be compacted down to create a firm base of vehicles to park, which will  hopefully improve the surface for pedestrians.


Members considered both quotations in detail and discussed how the rubber matting which is currently in place could be disposed of. Cllr Hardwick suggested the matting might be buried to create a base layer but if this is not possible then a skip could be used. It was noted that finer sized scaplings will be required to enable better compaction.


         RESOLVED: to approve quote B (LB Hunt & Sons) pending the Clerk’s contact with the company for a revised quote for the two changes i.e. use of mats as a base layer and cost of smaller scaplings. The agreed budget for this work is £3,000.


40.4  Overgrown Trees on junction of Church Lane and Aldersend Road
The PC has received reports that the overgrown vegetation is obscuring the junction.

RESOLVED: the Chairman will contact the owner to politely ask if they would consider cutting the trees back.


       The Chairman recently attended an online meeting of Herefordshire’s Green Network (HGN), which was organised as part of The Great Collaboration by HALC. The meeting focused on Sustainable Transport and was attended by 40 participants from local Councils.



       Cllr Hodgson reported that the battery in the defibrillator is not working, so he has ordered a new one which should be installed in the coming days. In the meantime, Cllr Hodgson will put a notice on the phone box to inform members of the public. Cllr Hodgson will monitor the defibrillator on a monthly basis and intends to promote training within the community if social distancing measures permit it.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8:16pm.


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