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  1. Dear Parish Council, I wanted to write to you about the flooding problems we are experiencing down at Sparchall Farm, opposite the Tarrington Arms. There is a very large pipe which runs under the main road, funnelling all the rain run-off from at least three-quarters of the village. It then runs in a ditch straight down towards the farmhouse turning left in front of the house and running underneath the railway line with a second overflow ditch running off to the right, across another field back towards the buildings and under the railway line. When this drainage system was installed in Victorian times, the village was possibly half the size that it is now plus there were more open fields to absorb the rain. The problems we are having now with the increasing rainfall due to climate change, result in us being up all night baling the run-off from the ditches to prevent the water entering the basement of the old Mill building and damaging the contents. The 15 February was such a night, we had 58mm during the whole day and night and again on the 28 February a further 23.5mm on saturated ground. It’s exhausting work. Far from being a ‘once in a 100 years event’, this is happening much too often. It happened in October 2019, November 2019 and several times over the last few years. We have my late father-in-law’s rainfall records going back 40 years which show the rainfall was much lower and more gentle. Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated but especially to limit wherever possible, any further building work in the village. If any driveways are installed could they be of pavoirs or some other permeable material to aid soakaway of rain rather than have it run off straight into the ditch and down to the farm. n another note, we are using make-do sandbags which aren’t strong enough but help a bit. If any become available via the Council, we would appreciate some. Thank you.

    • Dear Wendy

      Thank you for your email and I am sorry to hear about the flooding problems you have experienced. I will pass on your comments to the Parish Councillors for their information when considering any future planning applications. Unfortunately, we don’t get any sandbags – I will email Herefordshire Council to ask if they could provide any for you. I will be in touch if I manage to get an answer about the bags.

      If you haven’t already done so then it would be worthwhile contacting your Ward Councillor John Hardwick about this as I understand he is on Herefordshire Council’s Planning Committee – his details can be found on this link

      Kind regards,
      Jennifer Eva
      Tarrington Parish Clerk
      Jennifer Eva


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